What distinguishes Ostellari Dressmakers

A real Tailor exclusively for you, at your home and by appointment, with a suitcase of the best tailoring fabrics available: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry, as well as an assortment of selected linings to match. A complete and true tailoring service to let you find the pleasure of choosing.


The design phase of the paper pattern is the first really delicate and fundamental step towards the construction of a sartorial garment. The anatomical measures taken by the tailor are carefully drawn on paper following the characteristic shapes and measurements of the customer.


Every processing phase is done inside our workshop. Expert hands and qualified craftsmen take care of our unique bespoke garments in an artisanal manner. We provide attention to every detail exactly as the customer expects to reach the maximum expectation.


The exclusivity of the home service we offer to our customers is what makes our work even more unique. It is not a supplement to the product, but an integral part of our philosophy because we are first scrupulous professionals, true craftsmen estimators of our Italian tailoring tradition.

“Who still does all this?”

Do you know the difference between a bespoke suit and a MTM (made to measure) one?

We are aware that it is not easy to distinguish a tailored suit from an MTM suit, especially for those who do not do this job, both look externally well. What is not correct is to make them synonymous, that is to attribute the same meaning to them. Behind a tailored garment there are many hours of work, craftsmanship, love, attention to detail, experience. These words that are not part of the MTM garment.

Our victorious moves

We record precise anatomical measurements for each client in centimeter. The use of test clothes in lieu of a paper pattern is synonymous of poor professionalism and shows a final product with industrial characteristics

For each individual customer, based on the measures taken, a personal paper pattern in prepared which is apdated after each fitting

The elegance of the fabric comes from the quality of the raw material. For our customers we select only the best Italian fabrics, synonymous of quality and durability

Each garment is prepared basted with temporary stitching for the first fitting. The jacket should not have the collar, but basted sleeves and not-sewn linings

In the second fitting the jacket begins to assume its final shape but are still present basted parts essential for a truly bespoke garment. There are not yet the buttonholes which is a finished detail for an exceptional garment

Before delivery, the garment is fitted once again to the customer to make sure that all the work has carried out correctly and that everything is perfect from every point of view

History of a brand

It all starts with Danilo, Carlo’s father who after years spent in the workshop of a famous Milanese tailor, in 1952 he opened his own tailoring shop becoming a point of reference for the most refined men of the city.

After his studies his son Carlo enters his father’s laboratory where he learns the manufacturing techniques, learns about fabrics, specializes in cutting and modeling, thus continuing the tradition.

Laura moved to Milan at a young age to cultivate the passion for fashion and tailoring. He attends the best tailoring schools from the Burgo Fashion Academy to the Secoli Institute, where he excels in his skills.

United by the same passion for Italian tailoring, Carlo and Laura decide to start a collaboration and in January 2017 they found Ostellari Dressmakers.

What our customers say about us

Da alcuni anni ormai sono un cliente soddisfatto di Ostellari Dressmakers sia per la qualità del suo prodotto che per la competenza e professionalità che dimostra nel suo lavoro. La comodità, la puntualità e l’esclusiva di un servizio direttamente nel mio ufficio si aggiungono alle positive prerogative sopra esposte.

Umberto Gandini
Umberto Gandini
AC Milam
一見普通の服ですが、生地と仕立てがいいのでよい意味で目につきます。イタリア人の友人から紹介してもらいましたが、私もお勧めしたいと思います。 Although it is not too flashy, the high quality of tissue and outstanding work make the suits easily distinguishable. Totally satisfied. As my friend did, I thoroughly recommend Ostellari Dressmakers.
Mizuno Hiroya
Mizuno Hiroya
Osaka University
Ho conosciuto Ostellari tramite un amico-cliente proprio quando il mio vecchio sarto aveva smesso di operare. Ho trovato in Ostellari Dressmakers un servizio impeccabile e una attenzione continua anche nel post-vendita. La cura dei dettagli e la cortesia e simpatia di Carlo completano il tutto.

Alberto Martini
Martini Alberto
Head of Wealth Management,
Banca Mediolanum

What's behind a bespoke garment

There is lot of passion for creating a unique product for our customers. There is competence and professionalism, there is punctuality in the service

  • High quality service
  • Respect for the customer
  • Balances quality/price ratio

Carlo Ostellari e Laura Mantovani

Trusted collaborator